Uni Skill Booster EFT

Uni Skill Booster EFT

1 account(Wipe) - 180$
Unlimited account(Wipe) - 280$

You may easily enhance your character with the aid of our bot. Simply choose the talents you want to upgrade, and the bot will take care of everything else for you. It can be left on for an hour, a day, or longer. Our bot will assist you in improving your sniper weapons, stealth, stress resistance, health, vitality, stamina, and other attributes needed to obtain Kappa. Future additions include the pumping of the metabolism and the use of assault weapons.

Let's begin by stating that this is not a cheat and that it is not included in the game. This sophisticated bot carries out the tasks required for you to improve your talents. Due to the fact that our program has no interaction whatsoever with the game, you don't need to be concerned about your account being blocked. The major purpose is to make Strength and Endurance available to Elite! You may learn more about our other skill upgrades down below. The essential skills can be enabled or disabled in the bot configuration file. Everything will be handled by the bot! The bot has proved useful for numerous wipes and is well-liked by its users.


We have two versions of the bot:

Single account license

License for an unlimited number of accounts


Upgraded Skills:





Stealth movement

Stress tolerance



Sniper (For Kappa)

In the near future, it is planned to add pumping of metabolism and assault rifles.



The bot is fully automated, you can leave it overnight or even for several days

No PC performance requirements can run on any monitor resolution

Fully customizable for your purposes

Built-in Spoofer:----------------------------- NO

Anti-cheat:----------------------------------- BATTLEYE

OBS entry bypass:----------------------------- No

Supported game modes:------------------------- ALL

Supported processors:------------------------- Intel & AMD

Supported systems:---------------------------- Windows 10