Uni Ring EFT

Uni Ring EFT

1 Day - 25$
7 Day - 100$
30 Day - 230$

For the video game Tarkov, a private cheat UNI RING EFT. Many players choose to utilize the software from the creator of the ring because it has been available for more than two years and is continuously updated.


Highly configurable!

Aim hotkey


Aim smoothing

Target selector

Lock target

Switch target delay after kill

Draw crosshair

Show snaplines

Visibility checks

Aim at specific bone

Silent aim


Player Esp:

Highly configurable!


Max render distance

Max healthbar render distance

Max name render distance

Max info render distance

Healthbar position

Healthbar style

Border style

Visibility checks

Max bones render distance

Bone style


Draw level in info

Draw kda in info


Item Esp:

Highly configurable!

Show valuables

Show quest items

Show loot

Show Corpses

Including contents

Show containers

Including contents

Show exits

Show rest

Minimum Price slider

Item finder

Show all players in list




Anti afk

High jump

Unlimited stamina

Instant examine

Instant search



Loot through walls

Instant move

Long hands


FOV changer

Free vision

No visor

Effect changer


Draw laser

Append price to item name

Show self value

Show ammo counter


No breath

No recoil

No sway

Disable hands movement

Disable movement effect

Fast reload

Disable malfunctions

Insta aim

Grenade force

Automatic weapon

Supported Disk Format:------------------------ only GPT DISK (MBR Disk No)

Built-in Spoofer:----------------------------- YES

Anti-cheat:----------------------------------- BATTLEYE

OBS entry bypass:----------------------------- No

Supported game modes:------------------------- ALL

Supported processors:------------------------- INTEL (2015 year CPUs or Up)

Supported systems:---------------------------- Windows 10,  Windows 11