Common Questions:  

Is my key activated when I complete my purchase?

No, your key's time starts counting from the moment you activate the cheat for the first time.

What are the payment methods?

PayPal - (friends and family method)







 Are the payments secure?


How do I purchase my product?

Join our Discord and open a ticket.

Is this supported on Windows 11?

Actually, it depends on what you want because some are supported on Windows 11 and some are not. So, you need to check the specification of the product.

What happens if I perform chargeback?

 Please read our refund policy.

Can I share my subscription with my friends and family?

 Sorry. Our products are HWID locked. If you have any emergency contact us.

Can I pay via any bank card?

Sorry. We are working on that we hope recently it would be fixed.

If I do not know how to set up the product what can I do?

 No worry, our support is always with you.

If I need another product that you do not have listed on your site, Can you help me for this?

Yes. If available and suitable for you.