Uni Ring Apex

Uni Ring Apex

1 Day - 12$
7 Day - 50$
30 Day - 100$

On our website, Universal Solution, we have the option to purchase a private cheat for UNI RING Apex. We only provide functional cheats; there are no viruses or bans.


Allows you to leave only the backlight of the players on the screen, and turn off everything else. Helps with firefights, so that unnecessary loot is not highlighted, which fills your screen with inscriptions in Esp.


Highly configurable!

Aim hotkey


Aim smoothing

Target selector

Lock target

Switch target delay after kill

Draw crosshair

Show snaplines

Visibility checks

Aim at specific bone

Bullet prediction

Silent Aim

Visibility check

Character ESP:

Highly configurable!


Max render distance

Max healthbar render distance

Max name render distance

Max info render distance

Healthbar position

Healthbar style

Border style

Visibility checks

Max bones render distance

Bone style

Glow players

Glow NPC's


Use hotkey

Trigger interval time

Max distance


Show all items

Enable glow on all items

Weapon upgrade ESP

Minimum level

Line opacity

Line thickness

All items

Loot rollers

Death boxes

Charge towers

Observation towers

Care packages

Spider eggs

Gravity Cannons


Supported Disk Format:------------------------ only GPT DISK (MBR Disk No)

Built-in Spoofer:----------------------------- YES

Anti-cheat:----------------------------------- EAC

OBS entry bypass:----------------------------- No

Supported game modes:------------------------- ALL

Supported processors:------------------------- INTEL (2015 year CPUs or Up)

Supported systems:---------------------------- Windows 10,  Windows 11