Uni Macros Apex

Uni Macros Apex

1 Day - 5$
7 Day - 20$
30 Day - 35$

We would like to present to your attention a working private collection of macros for Apex Legends. Many users choose the safe option - Macros. They are not embedded in the game but interact only with your mouse and keyboard. Work with all types of devices. It doesn't matter what mouse you have and will do. Previously, this program rapidly gained popularity, due to the fact that it was possible to purchase keys for a short time. This led to the fact that sometimes users received account blocking. The developer has decided to no longer sell keys for periods of less than 30 days. Now each new user is given his own individual version of the macros, for which you can later renew the key.


These macros are distinguished by increased protection against possible account blocking. As we wrote earlier, each user is given his own individual assembly of the program. This method of dealing with anti-cheat completely eliminates possible mass blocking if some unscrupulous user decides to leak software to developers. The program is not implemented into the game, it interacts only with your external devices. Unique event randomization and macro process. The software has built-in automatic weapon detection. Sound effects have been added for convenience. Convenient, intuitive interface. Anyone, even the most unprepared user, can handle running macros.

Built-in spoofer:----------------------------- No

Anti-cheat:----------------------------------- EAC

OBS entry bypass:----------------------------- Yes

Supported game modes:------------------------- Windowed, Frameless

Supported processors:------------------------- Intel and AMD

Supported systems:---------------------------- Windows 10, Windows 11.