Uni Macros R6

Uni Macros R6

30 Day - 35$

We would like to present to your attention a working private collection of macros - UNI Macros R6, which will help you get rid of weapon recoil in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege. This software is fundamentally different from ordinary macros. Now you do not need to look for up-to-date scripts, buy an expensive mouse and understand the installation. It is enough just to purchase a well-thought-out program with which you will gain a significant advantage in the game over the enemy. Many users choose this dominance option, due to the low chance of getting blocked. Recently, the developer began to give each user his own unique version of the program. Which gave excellent results and saved this utility from possible mass bans. The software was developed by a responsible developer who monitors his program. New optimized macros for added weapons are regularly released. 

Each user is given his own private version of the program. Which has no analogs. This method of bypassing anti-cheat allows you to reduce the chance of blocking to a minimum. This program is not embedded in the game but interacts with your external devices with a mouse and keyboard. Randomizes events and process macros. This software was made as comfortable and convenient as possible for use. Intuitive and easy to start. The program automatically detects the weapons you are holding. Additionally, sound signals were introduced for more comfortable use of the software. After starting, the macros automatically read the configuration of your computer and game and set the optimal settings. The list of scripts is regularly updated. For regular customers, there is a system of cumulative discounts.

Built-in Spoofer:----------------------------- No

Anti-cheat:----------------------------------- BATTLEYE

OBS entry bypass:----------------------------- Yes

Supported game modes:------------------------- All

Supported processors:------------------------- Intel and AMD

Supported systems:---------------------------- Windows 10, Windows 11.