Uni Dark R6

Uni Dark R6

1 Day - 6$
7 Day - 25$
30 Day - 55$

For the R6S game, dependable private UNI Dark Rainbow Six. It was created by a skilled programmer that has a variety of goods for well-known shooters in his toolbox. Likewise, they couldn't overlook the rainbow. We were able to produce complete silhouettes that will show the precise location of the adversary behind the wall. Simple installation and start-up. minimal possibility of blocking.

Player ESP:
The exact location of the enemy behind the wall.
Color - Dark

Built-in Spoofer:------------------------- No

Bypass records in OBS:------------------------ No


Anti-Cheat:----------------------------------- BATTLEYE

Supported Game Modes:------------------------- ALL

Supported Processors:------------------------- INTEL & AMD

Supported Systems:---------------------------- Windows 10, Windows 11 (22h2 version is not supported)