Uni Shack Warzone2.0 / MW II

Uni Shack Warzone2.0 / MW II

1 Day - 12$
7 Day - 45$
30 Day - 90$

We provide Uni Shack Warzone2.0 / MW II a secret service for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that allows you to view every player from the entry, use an aimbot to automatically aim at the opponent, and other delights. We only use COD MW 2 services of the highest caliber created by reputable private software developers. 


Only visible





Box 2D



Size line skeleton

Skeleton draw distance

Additional distance

Draw distance


Enable radar

Backlight distance


Position by X

Position by Y


Enable aimbot (Danger (enable aim - works when holding the specified key)

Recoil compensation (recoil compensation)

Aim at bots (aim on bots)

Aim at knocked palyers (aim on knocked players)

Visibility check ( wall accounting)

Aim priority: (aim priority )

Distance (distance)

Crosshair (sight)

Smooth (more > faster): (setting the smoothness of aiming to bring the sight to the player)

Smoothness when blocking (more > faster): (adjusting the smoothness of aiming when blocking the sight on the player)

Acceleration (more > faster ): - is responsible for the hover speed, 0.01 is very slow, 1.0 is fast and without any anti-aliasing (with this value I can ban you)

Draw fov circle (disable FoV visual circle)

Fov:(angle of view (FOV)(aim trigger area))

Distance:(aim trigger distance)

Draw aim area (draw aiming area)

Aim area radius (aiming area radius)

Bones selection: (bone selection... you can choose 1 bone or several bones)

Head (head)

Neck (neck)

Left elbow (left arm)

Right elbow (right arm)

Body (body)

Pelvis (groin)

Left knee (left knee)

Right knee (right knee) knee)

Bone change time: (bone change time)

Key selection: (key selection for aiming) (ANY OF YOUR CHOICE)


Armor plate / Armor heavy


Tactical gear

Combat gear


Survival kit (Defibrillator, Gas mask)

Containers (Backpack, bag, crate,...)

Kill streak

Field modification

Keys & keycards

Draw distance

Friends color

Enemy bots color

Enemy players color

Knocked enemies color

Enemy visible color

Target color

Weapons color

Armor plate / Armor heavy color

Ammo color

Tactical gear color

Combat gear color

Money color

Survival kit color

Containers color

Kill streak color

Field modification color
Keys & keycards color

Key to disable loot

Open menu key

Built-in Spoofer:----------------------------- No

Anti-cheat:----------------------------------- In-game

OBS entry bypass:----------------------------- Yes

Supported game modes:------------------------- Windowed

Supported processors:------------------------- Intel and AMD

Supported systems:---------------------------- Windows 10, Windows 11