Uni Shack Bloodhunt

Uni Shack Bloodhunt

1 Day - 6$
3 Day - 12$
7 Day - 20$
30 Day - 45$

We present to your attention Uni SHACK is one of the slot-closed private cheats for Bloodhunt with a minimum chance of detection. The Developers team has enough experience to provide you with an up-to-date product that will allow you to take first place in your favorite game. 

Category: Bloodhunt


Enable-Enable AIM

Only Head - Hits only in the head

FOV - Radius of operation of AIM

Smooth - Speed of AIM operation

Draw Circle - show the radius



2D BOX - 2D square

Skeleton - Show the enemy's skeleton

Names - Names

Snaplines - Show lines to the enemy

Eyes Direction - Show the direction of the gaze.

Health Bar - Show the enemy's health

Draw Bots - Show bots

Draw NPC - Show NPCs

Draw lootable Items - Show loot on the ground


Selecting the AIM operation button

Selecting the Menu Operation button


Show Radar | Button to enable or disable the radar.

Radar Size / Slider changes the size of the radar at your discretion

Additional requirements:---------------------- Flash Drive

Built-in Spoofer:----------------------------- No

Anti-cheat:----------------------------------- Game Anticheat

Stream entry bypass:-------------------------- No

Supported game modes:------------------------- Windowed, Full screen windowed

Supported processors:------------------------- Intel and AMD

Supported systems:---------------------------- Windows 10, Windows 11