Uni Macros Rust

Uni Macros Rust

1 Day - 5$
7 Day - 20$
30 Day - 35$

Our private macro for the Rust game is more than just a program with macros for certain mouse models. UNI Macros Rust are made of very high quality, it will be very convenient to use them, because the launch is done through a convenient loader, and the settings are through a nice and pleasant menu. 

Category: RUST


Private Build

Absolutely External

Events Randomization

Process Randomization

Process Protection



Any Mouse and Keyboard

Program Autoconfiguration

Weapon Autodetection

Graphical Interface

Sound Effects

Built-in spoofer:----------------------------- No

Anti-cheat:----------------------------------- EAC

OBS entry bypass:----------------------------- Yes

Supported game modes:------------------------- Windowed, Frameless

Supported processors:------------------------- Intel and AMD

Supported systems:---------------------------- Windows 10, Windows 11.